Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 01/03/2004

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

The Sirens of the TI is playing at the Buccaneer Bay in front of the Treasure Island, or TI, Hotel and Casino. The "Sirens" presumably taken from Greek mythology, lure the ship full of pirates to their cove, capture them, sink their ship, and then...have sex with them? It’s unclear...but they are certainly not lured to their death, as the Sirens of old were apt to do---though it certainly would have been more interesting. The Sirens’ show replaces the Pirate Battle that had formally been presented in the Buccaneer Bay. The Pirate show had become the signature of Treasure Island being presented at the front of the hotel for free for the last ten years. As the image of the TI has been developing, executives felt a need to change this show to keep pace with the other alterations. Unfortunately, however, the "Sirens of the TI" is a piece of crap. It is so bad on so many levels it is hard to even know where to begin. How could so much time and money be spent on something that is so ill conceived? Perhaps the problem begins with the corporate world trying to do entertainment. Creating a show through a committee always brings about compromise, and compromise in the entertainment world always brings about mediocrity. Finding the middle ground in business is a positive art it is death. Perhaps the show was doomed from the beginning because the new show was locked into the old concept. No matter what new ideas were brought to the table, the show was locked into the fact that two ships come together, and through some conflict, one of the ships sink. The old show made sense...this one does not. The basic plot of the show goes like this...the scout of a pirate ship is lured by the sirens to their ship and is captured. The ship of pirates come looking for their mate, and when the sirens don’t give him back, the pirates fire on the siren ship. The sirens, in return, sing a chord and sink the pirate ship with jets of water. The pirates abandon ship and swim to the siren ship. When they arrive, they dance and sing, "Let’s Go All the Way," and they all then presumably go off and have sex and party. The Sirens of Greek mythology lured sailors to their death. These sirens lure the pirate sailors over to have sex with them and why do the pirates want to fight them? It makes no sense. It would have made sense, and would have been far more interesting, to see all of the pirates killed by the probably, though, would not have served the new image of the TI. The audition process for the sirens was well publicized and advertised, and became part of an entire marketing scheme. They were looking for beautiful women; some who could dance, some who could sing; and they all had to be able to handle stage combat. Through this process, they were able to hire some top-notch people. It is a shame now that they waste all of these people’s talents. The Buccaneer Bay is a tough place to watch a show. The biggest problem is that you simply cannot see very well. No matter where you are, some part of your view is going to be blocked. The performers are confined to the ship, which is a fairly good distance away. Everyone is subjected to the elements and the sounds of the passing traffic on the Strip, and oftentimes you can’t hear everything. At that distance, you really can’t tell if the women are beautiful or not. The costumes are not that provocative---especially with the added body suits (maybe in the summer they will expose skin). The choreography is all very basic, and my daughter could handle the stage combat. And since everything is lip-synched, why did they even bother to hire great singers? Some of the fun elements to the old show were the people swinging on ropes, falling and diving in the water, the pyrotechnics, and the ship sinking. A lot of the pyrotechnics have been eliminated, and now only the men fall in the bay. The women don’t even get wet in this show! (I’m sure that hair and make-up were an issue.) And the cause and effect of the ship sinking are pretty weak---we see jets of water fly up in the air, and therefore, the ship sinks... The Sirens of the TI is a travesty of a show. It has few redeeming qualities and badly represents the quality of this city’s entertainment. If this is a forerunner to the new image of the TI, then we are certainly in for a lot more ill conceived crap.