Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 09/27/2003

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

"Sex Strikes Back" is a hypnosis show that plays inside the showroom at the Sapphire Gentlemen’s club. The show stars Dr. Robert Kennzington...supposedly a legend in the field of hypnosis---having taught at the Psycho Neurology Foundation and authored several published works; unfortunately though, his legendary status leaves a lot to be desired n the world of entertainment. The only real twist or variation to this show is the addition of a small group of dancers that help augment the production value. Hypnosis shows have recently become plentiful in Las Vegas---especially in the "rent-a-room" situation. They require little or no set, a very small crew, no specialized lighting, and the audience provides the bulk of the entertainment to itself. Basically, these are cheap shows to produce and have a high earning potential...especially with the addition of post-show video sales. The quality of the show always depends on both the charisma and facilitation of the hypnotist and the willingness of the volunteers. "Bad" shows are usually blamed on the audience, and "good" shows are always credited to the hypnotist. This is a case, however, where I can honestly say that the audience members did everything that was asked of them, and the hypnotist sucked. Dr. Robert Kennzington has no charisma. He is an inadequate facilitator, and rather than creating a show with these volunteers, it looks as if he is just leading this group through a series a bad Acting class improvisation exercises. Kennzington gives the volunteers a couple of relaxation exercises and then calls them one seems as if they are "under" hypnosis, and what is even worse, is that you watch him talk through and coach each of these people as to what to do next. It is not spontaneous, it’s not funny, and it’s not even fun to is a painful experience, and I would have left if I weren’t reviewing the show. When Kennzington had stated earlier in his show that, "the people onstage will have more fun than the people in the audience," he wasn’t kidding. Even the title of the show, "Sex Strikes Back," has nothing to do with the show. It is just another cheap ploy to get people to buy a ticket. Even the title of "Dr." is highly in question...Dr. of what? It seems far more likely that it, too, is bogus. There are two things that I enjoyed about the evening: the dancers and the showroom. Adding dancers to a hypnosis show is a nice variation. Every show has to have its own unique element, and the dancers fulfill that requirement in this production...and these are all very good dancers. Eliminate the "hypnosis" and make this a dance show featuring these dancers, and then you could have a good show. The other interesting thing was the showroom inside the Sapphire Gentlemen’s club. Getting a large and broad based audience into a gentlemen’s club might be questionable or intimidating, but it is truly a very nice showroom. I could envision a wide range of productions in this well-appointed and comfortable space...just not this one. Productions like this one make me angry. They make me angry because I truly enjoy going to see shows, and I like being entertained. I want people to get their moneys worth. I feel that audiences deserve better, and there is no entertainment value for the cost of this ticket. "Sex Strikes Back" is simply a bad show and not worth the time, money, or effort.