Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 09/07/2002

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

Ladies of the 80's is playing inside the Big Easy showroom at the Bourbon Street Hotel and Casino. It is an evening of music that takes you back a few years. The songs bring back lots of fun memories. The producers have picked out a great variety of songs and music to highlight, and while the show focuses on the women of that time, it is certainly not exclusively women. There are other great 80's tunes sung by the men as well. It is a good show, but unfortunately, it placed into a bad space. It seems as though this entire summer has been focused on the plight of the small shows here in Vegas. There have been so many shows that have come and gone. We have seen excellence, and we have seen crap. We've seen almost everything, but we haven't seen one thing...any great deal of success. The small show is almost always tucked into small make-shift spaces that have little other use. Usually the show is saddled with so many house costs that it can't advertise, and the producers have to sit back and pray for a miracle and hope that they can last long enough to get some good word of mouth out there. Which brings us to the plight of Ladies of the 80's. This is a good and worthy show, but if you don't see it soon; you may lose the opportunity to see it at all--which is a shame because it's actually worth seeing. There have been a lot of these small shows whose closing didn't bother me, but this one feels different. There has been good thought and execution to this production. The show is about the music of the 80's. The musicians are excellent. The singers are good, and we get to see the essence of this music with the sensibilities and perspective of today. The show never takes itself too seriously and doesn't hold this music up as precious relics of the past, but instead has fun with the music and gives us a lighthearted glimpse of a fun musical decade. The performance space inside the Bourbon Street Hotel can hardly be considered a performance space at all. A corner of the casino space has been merely curtained off, and a stage has been set up at one end. The stage is small, the ceiling is low, the lighting is bad and the audience is crammed together. Smoking is allowed inside this space, and there is no place to hide for those that are bothered by smoke. Once the show got going, however, the shortcomings of the space didn't seem to be a problem. I would like to see Ladies of the 80's succeed for a number of reasons. First, it is a good small show, but second and perhaps more importantly; Las Vegas needs to have good small shows in town. A lot of people can't afford the high costs of the big shows and need to have good alternatives. Las Vegas entertainment needs to be able to accommodate everyone, otherwise, entertainment only becomes a luxury for the elite. The performers of Ladies of the 80's are doing a good job in a bad situation. I hope that they are able to beat the odds and succeed.