Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 07/12/2002

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

"Stephen Sorrentino's Voices in my Head" is playing at the Le Bistro Lounge in the Riviera Hotel and Casino. This production is a tour de force for Sorrentino to show off his abundance of talents: singing, comedy, music, and impressions. With the aid of four musicians and a couple of dancers, Sorrentino does a great job at entertaining us. Sorrentino decided to go boldly out on his own with this self-produced show, and so far, he has managed to stay afloat with little advertising or hotel support. He is also sharing the Le Bistro Lounge space with about five other shows, and so separating himself out from the rest of these shows and finding some success is no small feat. A lot of small shows move in and out of spaces without even being noticed. Sorrentino has beaten the odds so far, and I wish him continued success. Sorrentino has been performing for many years in Vegas already. He was the "Legends in Concert," Elton John, and having proven his mettle in that arena, it was apparently time for this multi-talented performer to seek a spotlight of his own. There have been many Vegas success stories, and there is no reason that Sorrentino couldn't be the next one. Sorrentino's talent is obvious. He plays a variety of different instruments, has a wonderful singing voice, handles comedy adeptly, and does some very good impressions. He shows off all of these abilities in his show, but even with everything that he has going for him; his production is sometimes a hit and miss affair. The problem is not in Sorrentino's abilities, but rather in his organization of the show. The show is sporadic and needs a better construction and rhythm. I would love to see the opening and the ending reversed, so that we see his staple of Elton John first and end with all that is purely Sorrentino--isn't that what he is trying to do anyway? He can have greater success if he can move past his "Legends in Concert" experience. The Le Bistro Lounge is a fair space for the production. The once free lounge has been curtained off for this barrage of small self-produced shows. With so many shows with little or no advertising, support, and painfully short turn around times; it is a wonder that any of them find any success at all. The real winner in all of this, or course, is the lease holder. "Stephen Sorrentino's Voices in my Head" is a good piece of entertainment and showcases the talents of a strong performer. I hope that Sorrentino can continue to beat the odds and perhaps find a venue that will better support his efforts.