Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 06/19/2002

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

The Magic of Scott and Jenny Alexander is being presented inside the Sultan’s palace at Caesar’s Magical Empire. This married couple of magicians puts together a fun evening of illusions. The couple draws upon their relationship to add a touch of genuine romance to their performance. Scott and Jenny Alexander are the only two magicians that have been performing continually at Caesar’s Magical Empire since its opening several years ago. This couple performs both individually and as a pair with both stage magic and close-up magic; and while each has venture out to do other shows and events, they have always come back to the Magical Empire. The dining and magical experience of the Empire has always been fun, and now, they are offering "show only" tickets so that you can skip the meal and go straight to the entertainment, and more than likely, you will find one or both of the Alexander’s performing. The Alexander’s have been performing together for about seven years, and have now been married for about three of those years. They were, in fact, married at the Magical Empire. Both Scott and Jenny are accomplished magicians in their own right, and often perform around the country as solo acts, but when they are at the Magical Empire, they serve as each other’s assistants and perform some wonderful illusions both separately and together. During their performance, they draw heavily upon their relationship, and we get to see the romance and the unity of their bond together--both as a couple and as magicians. And while this reality of their romance serves them well with the illusions, it would also be nice to see some of the fun and wackiness that would surely exist with two magicians being married. When the couple isn’t performing in the Sultan’s Palace, Scott Alexander is performing close-up magic in the Secret Pagoda. The sleight of hand magic that Scott performs is both amazing and filled with light-heartedness. It takes an amazing amount of skill to pull off these illusions, and Scott handles all of it with an incredible amount of deftness. One or both of the Alexander’s is almost always at the Magical Empire, and now that the Empire is offering "show only" tickets; it’s a great opportunity to see some good magic at a very reasonable price.