Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 04/20/2007

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

Ronn Lucas is performing his new afternoon show, "Puppets Gone Wild," at the Steve Wyrick Entertainment Complex inside the Miracle Mile Mall at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Lucas has many accolades under his belt; he is known as "The Man Who Can Make Anything Talk." He has performed for most of the recent U.S. Presidents and for World leaders and Royalty around the globe. Both the London Times and the NY Times have called him the "World’s Best Ventriloquist." All of these things are quite a list of accomplishments to live up to, and having seen his show here and in a couple of other venues, I cannot dispute any of these claims. Ronn Lucas is an amazing talent--working with both complex and simple puppets and objects, he often makes us forget that he is really the only one "talking" onstage. In the world of Lucas, it seems as if everything can have a life and a mind of its own. Not only do his puppets talk to him, and talk back to him; so does the microphone, his hand, his foot, and anything else that comes into his proximity. The really amazing aspect of all of this is that we, the audience, buy it. We give up our sense of disbelief. We forget our saner selves, and for little moments here and there, we believe that these things can talk. The progression of Lucas’ show goes from the complex to the simple. His first puppet is "Scorch," a teenage dragon that is having problems fitting into high school because he is different. "Scorch" is the most complex and well articulated puppet in the Lucas array, and the movements that accompany the voice, allow us to get into the spirit of things. "Buffalo Billy," who seems to want to take over and have his own show, is next. "Billy" is a simpler hand puppet, but fully has a life of its own. Lucas follows with a "Human Puppet," which is hilarious. By the end of the show, Lucas is talking to his hand, and we are still with him. We find ourselves believing in his characters, no matter how simple. Lucas has a great show for both adults and families alike. The afternoon slot may be a tough slot to fill, though, with the plethora of afternoon shows that are popping up. The Wyrick Theatre is a good match for Lucas’ show. It is a good size for him, and there is a nice audience/performer relationship that is created. With all of this in place, Lucas has raised the bar of competition. Ronn Lucas is everything that he is billed to be. He is a great talent, and his show would be a great way to spend any afternoon. His show is delightful. He truly is, "The Man Who Can Make Anything Talk."

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