Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 05/16/2002

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

Note: This show has now moved to the Aladdin The production of "Bravo," starring the illustrious, Charo; has moved out of the C2K showroom and into the showroom at the Sahara. This has been a good move for the production--stronger hotel support and a good showroom. The production has been revamped a bit--featuring Charo a bit more predominantly, and a host of variety acts break up the show wonderfully. The show is a high energy, fun-filled romp featuring the best of Latin-American entertainment. Charo has stayed out of the lime-light for many years, but has now made this production her re-introduction to the Las Vegas crowds. Do not dismiss the size of this show. It is a great production. To be quite candid, I did not expect much from Charo. Known as the "cuchi, cuchi" girl, I have always thought of Charo as more of a novelty rather than a serious performer or headliner. But I was wrong... She is a multi-talented, multi-faceted person that comes from the old school of headliners. She sang, she danced, she did comedy, and she played her guitar magnificently; and she did all of them well. When Charo is on stage, the entire production is filled with her wonderful energy. The dancers in the show are top notch. Performing salsa numbers and flamenco numbers in addition to the regular production numbers. They handle all of them well, and they are energetic and exciting to watch. A highlight of the show is when Charo plays her guitar. Classically trained in a flamenco style of performance, she enthralls her audience with her playing. It is a bit out of character for an audience to give a standing ovation in the middle of a show, but that is what happened when Charo played her guitar. The variety acts are all top notch. The ventriloquist, the aerialists, and the jugglers all bring a tremendous life to the production and break up the evening nicely. "Bravo" is a good production that mixes a lot of fine elements together. Charo is wonderful. The comedy is good, the dancers are good, and the variety acts are strong. I wish this production well. It's a good show.