Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 08/02/2001

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

"Le Cabaret" is now playing inside that showroom at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. The show features three wonderfully talented performers--Sarafina, Larry G. Jones, and Jenny Alexander. This trio gives the audience an evening filled with music, dancing, singing, impressions, and magic. Due to the lack of an adequate advertising budget, as well as being presented in the lessor traveled Downtown area, this show is still relatively unknown. Those who do find this show, however, will be treated to one of the hidden gems of Las Vegas. "Le Cabaret" is actually a reworking of the Plaza's previous show, "Hot Trix," but since the departure of the "Naked Angels," the show has a new attitude and has become more suitable for all ages. "Le Cabaret" has fortunately maintained the best part of its predecessor with the talents of magician Jenny Alexander, and with the addition of Larry G. Jones and Sarafina, the show will hopefully be able to draw the interest and the crowds that it so rightfully deserves. Jenny Alexander is a wonderful magician. She has style, class, charm and panache. She was recently voted, "The Sexiest Woman in Las Vegas," by City Life magazine--but don't necessarily go to see her because of that. Go to see her because of what a talented performer she is. All of her illusions are very well executed. She is a joy to watch. I will certainly not be surprised if she is recognized by someone higher up on the ladder and given an entire show built around her and her magic. She is easily as good as most of the magicians on the Strip. Sarafina is featured in the show as a singer and a dancer. Often times she assists Alexander with her illusions, but when she gets the opportunity to perform on her own, she simply explodes with talent. I knew previously that she is a dancer, but she surprised me with her ability to sing. She is a wonderful and powerful singer. I wish that the audience had additional opportunities to listen to her. And then there is her dancing... It is difficult for any solo dancer to command and fill the stage, but Sarafina is able to this with élan and apparent ease. She is a double threat performer that is rarely seen. The audience is also entertained by the talents of Larry G. Jones--the singing comic impressionist. Jones has a masterful ability to manipulate his body, his face, and his voice. His routine gives us a fast paced and delightful romp through modern musical history, and we relive the times by hearing our favorite artists. He has the ability to do both male and female voices, and his rendition of Cher is a highlight in the evening. His talents are a fine rival to every other impressionist in town. The showroom inside the Union Plaza Hotel and Casino has seen better days. Everything looks and feels old and worn-out. It is the only showroom in which you can still smoke. You can look around and still see that it used to be a premiere showroom in Las Vegas, but that was a long time ago. Actually, the showroom is only about thirty years old. Anywhere else in the country, that would still be a strong and viable showroom, but Las Vegas keeps a different kind of calendar. So in Vegas-time, it is old. It is a small, off-Strip show with a small budget, but "Le Cabaret" is a good show with a lot going for it. It is worth going to see. The talented trio of performers has a lot to offer its audiences. The show is, however, fighting for its own survival. With very little advertising, the show relies mostly on foot traffic and is quickly becoming audience starved. It would be a shame to see the efforts of these talented performers simply fade away.