Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 06/27/2001

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

"The Magic of David Darkstone: Illusions and Beyond" is now being featured at the showroom in the New Frontier Hotel and Casino. The afternoon performance features Darkstone presenting a decent assortment of both close up and prop magic, and the juggling talent of Will Roya. Both performers are young, in fact, the show boasts, "the youngest headliner on the Las Vegas Strip." This youth is both their blessing and their curse as they present this show. Both Darkstone and Roya have a list of impressive credits that they bring to this performance. They have each been working steadily and have each been featured in a number of different venues. The two of them recently met in a magic shop and decided to combine their efforts and produce this show. They are not only the youngest headliners, but they have also become the youngest producing team on the Strip. The show is a decent diversion for an afternoon, but Darkstone and Roya still have a long way to go. There is tremendous potential that exists between the two of them, but that potential is still yet unrealized. Piecing together bits of their variety acts has not brought together a show. It is entertaining, but it is incomplete. One of the biggest problems is that they have created a show following in the footsteps of others. They have not yet found their own path, and they certainly haven't blazed their own trail. Everything that they do has been seen, the same way, somewhere else. Magic shows in this town thrive on theme and variation, but they have yet to discover their own uniqueness. Which is a shame, because their uniqueness is very plain to is their youth. Darkstone and Roya need to utilize their youth as their hook, and they don't. Darkstone works really hard to be serious, but he doesn't have the seasoning to pull it off. He seems to ignore the spirit and energy that should be accompanying his youth. Roya allows us to see his youth from time to time, and it works. He just seems to be caught up in peripheral elements of the s how and doesn't concentrate on doing something more and something unique with his juggling. Roya is a good juggler, but again, he needs to find a hook and do something with the juggling. Darkstone and Roya are good and enthusiastic performers, but they are not seasoned performers, and they make many of the mistakes of inexperience. Their transitions are killing them. They are either talking too much, or they are marking through poorly conceived choreography; when they should be doing more performing. We want to see their talent, and we want to see what makes them unique. The showroom at the New Frontier is an adequate space for the performance, and it is famous for launching performers like Siegfried & Roy into stardom. My hope is that Darkstone and Roya will be able to find their own unique path and be able to achieve greater and greater things. They have the potential. I want them to realize it.