Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 02/06/2001

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

Hot Trix, featuring the combined talents of Karin Denise's, Naked Angels; the comedy of Pete Barbutte, and the magic of Jenny Alexander are all being presented at the Union Plaza Hotel and Casino. This adult revue embodies a modern day burlesque feel with the various acts flowing one after the other. In spite of limited means and a narrow target audience (due to the racy content); for what it is, the show does a pretty good job. After the second show each night, there is an after show party where the theatre basically turns into a strip club. Things are a bit confusing with this show. Sometimes the show is called Hot Trix, featuring the Naked Angels, and sometimes it's; The Naked Angels, featuring Pete Barbutte; but I know that they don't want to be confused with Le Trix at the San Remo, even though, both shows have the same basic format, Hot Trix does a much better job at entertaining. I'm also not really sure how the transition from show to club really works, but I feel that it is a good alternative to explore. The Naked Angels, led by Karin Denise, is a quartet of exotic dancers exploring sexual and fetish fantasies. Their choreography is solid--they are all good dancers. They are everything that we (guys, at least) wanted the movie Flashdance to be. Good solid dance numbers with the nudity, too. Pete Barbutte is the comic and functions as the host for the evening. He is famous for having made more appearances on The Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson; than anyone else. Barbutte is the man that was called when guests would cancel. He made a record 64 appearances on the show. Barbutte is a wonderful comic and a versatile performer. He entertains us with his stand up routine as well as his performance at the piano. His years of experience really shows in his comfort and ease with the audience. The magician in this evening of entertainment is Jenny Alexander, and though she is not featured in any of the promotions or advertising, she is easily the highlight of the evening. All of her illusions are very well executed. She is charming. She has a lot of stage presence and charisma. She is simply a joy to watch. An entire show could be built around her and her magic. Unfortunately, she is another good, yet under appreciated, magician; in a town that is overflowing with good and under appreciated magicians. Hopefully, this show will give her enough exposure to allow her to step into a greater level of performance. The showroom inside the Union Plaza Hotel and Casino has seen better days. Everything looks and feels old and worn-out. It is the only showroom in which you can still smoke. You can look around and still see that it used to be a premiere showroom in Las Vegas, but that was a long time ago. Actually, the showroom is only about thirty years old. Anywhere else in the country, that would still be a strong and viable showroom, but Las Vegas keeps a different kind of calendar. So in Vegas-time, it is old. Hot Trix, or The Naked Angels, whatever name it's going by this week, does a good job for the type of show it is. The dancing makes the target audience a fairly narrow one--those looking for a more entertaining and respectable alternative to a strip club. The comedy and magic are good elements that could be transplanted into any production show. If you're within the targeted audience, it is worth going to see.