Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 07/30/2003

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

Skintight, playing at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, is a musical fantasy adult revue, and the only semi-naked production of its kind to include both male and female dancers. The show has gone through many changes over the years--leads and stars have come and gone...but with the revamping the show does seem to be a lot more fun than it used to be, and it does seem to be getting better all of the time. The show is upbeat, and it has something for everyone to watch. The dancing in "Skintight" is the cornerstone of the entertainment for the evening. All of the dancers are very talented and handle complex moves adeptly. They create wild, intriguing, and exotic pictures without losing sight of the audience and the fun that we should have throughout the evening. In many ways, it is a dancer’s show. The addition of the "Stomp-like" number is great and really showcases the abilities of many of these performers. Daryl Ross is the lead singer and serves as the host for our evening. He does a good job singing, dancing, and entertaining us. He even does a fine strip tease for one of the female audience members. Ross lends a fine balance to this cast that does its best to entertain both men and women in this exotic revue. The show always works best when there is an ensemble feel to the production, and this is usually the case with only a few exceptions. The show used to always have a "star" as an additional attraction to audience members and Shannon O’Keefe has always been utilized as the featured dancer. O’Keefe has been with the show since its opening, and is now billed as the show’s "star." O’Keefe, unfortunately, does not carry off the "star" position very well. As a featured dancer, she always shined. As the "star," her performance is lessened and cheapened by both time and a horrific job at lip-syncing. The lip-syncing is so bad, that when she plays with the pseudo-microphone (presumably to make it look more "real") it is almost laughable. Let the woman just dance. That is what she does. The sets, lighting, and multimedia aspects augment the show beautifully. Everything is well executed. It is a pleasure to be in this theatre. "Skintight" was recently feature on the "E" network in the "Almost Famous" series. The series brought a lot of attention to this production, but also took its toll on the cast of performers. Time will tell if this move was ultimately a good or bad thing. "Skintight" has gone through a lot of changes since its opening, and most of these changes seem to have been for the best. It is an entertaining show and fun for the couples and the people who attend. There is something for both the men and the women in this show, and that element brings a good uniqueness to this production.