Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 05/10/2010

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

Girls Night: The Musical is playing inside Studio 54 at the MGM. The show is about five friends that get together for an evening of karaoke, togetherness, friendship, and soul-searching. They explore the past, investigate the present, and speculate on the future. They tout the female bonding, put down men, and sing songs that empower women. It is the celebration of the sisterhood...and it is everything that you would expect. The show is so predictable that it is almost stereotypical. If you can imagine that show that I just got it. If you thought of the most obvious songs that they would’d probably be right. And if you thought of five character types...again, you’d probably hit it on the mark. There are not any surprises in this really is exactly what you would expect.

The redeemable qualities of this show would be the singing and the spirit. All of the cast members have good voices. It was a pleasure to hear them sing. The spirit of the show was very enthusiastic...they really did celebrate one another, and there were groups of women in the audience that were obviously out on their own girls night, and they seemed to be having a really good time.

The characters are definitely character types---there is the party girl, the girl with the issues, the girl that "tells it like it is", the boring girl that is always the designated driver, and the only twist, the friend that died, but couldn’t resist tagging along. I have to believe that the cast was hired for their singing, because their acting left a lot to be desired.

To be fair to this production, I must be honest...I was having such a problem with this show that I left at intermission. I felt badly. I know how it feels as a performer to have people walk out of a show at intermission...but I was not the only one...there must have been twenty to thirty people that walked out with me. I did check with a couple of my colleagues to ask if I had missed anything significant in the second half...they said that I didn’t.

I was very surprised at the venue in Studio 54. I really liked the set up that they had and thought of several types of productions that would work in there. It's a small venue, but it is very nicely appointed.

Girls Night: The Musical was obviously not my cup of tea. Perhaps it is partly due to the fact that I'm a man and I didn't relate to the material as well as some of the women in the audience. I can, however, still recognize what is a good concept and what is not. I can still recognize good acting. I can recognize stereotypes and caricatures. All in all, this was simply not a good piece of theatre. The people that will enjoy this performance will be groups of women that want to go out, drink heavily, and have a mindless good time while bonding with their "sisters." If you find yourself amongst one of those target groups, then you must see the show soon since it is only in town for a short time. For the rest of us, is only in town for a short time.