Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 03/18/2013

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

"Peepshow" is playing inside the showroom at Planet Hollywood. The show now stars Coco Austin, of "Ice Loves Coco" fame, as Bo Peep, and Cheaza now plays the lead guide through the Bo Peep adventures. Base Entertainment produced this show four years ago. There are beautiful dancers, and couple of nice acts, singers, sets, etc.; and it's all wrapped up in a horribly conceived show. In the four years that this show has played, it has gotten progressively better, but it was not enough to keep that show up and running...the production is now scheduled to close on September 1, 2013. The production of "Peepshow" has always made me angry. Soooo much money was put into this show, and in many areas, you can see where the money was well spent...the refurbished space and the sets were really well done, and the dancers and acts are all beautiful and talented. They had all the right pieces, but they were just put together badly. The show had so much potential. It could have been a great show. As I've always said, shows are about expectation. With the company, the money, and the names that were brought in; I expected a lot. I was sorely disappointed. "Peepshow" was an ill-conceived mess. It started out well. The first few numbers were really good and the interpretation of "Peter, Peter Pumpkin eater" turning into a stripper pole number was the highlight of the show. That number was, in fact, rather brilliant, but after that the show went in a different became a mess. Austin Coco now plays Bo Peep. I was very pleasantly surprised by the work of Coco. She has good presence onstage, and actually satisfies the needs of the role far better than her predecessors. And the girl can dance! She moves really well. I loved watching her dance. The only awkward part of her being onstage was her walking...because of her body shape and the shoes that she was wearing, watching her walk was very awkward. And the stage is really large as she would have a lot of space to cover on her exits...too long. She should have danced everywhere...ended each piece close to an exit and been able to step off stage rather than walk all the way across stage. The basic story is that Bo Peep wants to get laid. As if she would really have any problem finding a man that would have sex with her...but that is the concept. It certainly wasn't about finding anything noble.... Cheaza is the leader of the production. She has wonderful charisma and is a good choice for an emcee. Here is someone with real talent. She can sing. She can carry a stage. She is a refreshing presence on the stage. The dancing was another odd element. There were so many talented dancers on the stage, but the choreography was boring. Every dance number had all of the dancers on one level doing unison got to be very repetitive, and it lost my interest. By the way, the lead male singer, Josh Strickland, is outstanding. There were a couple of other nice I stated earlier, the stripper pole number was the highlight of the show. The man working the solo rope was great, and the milk bath number was cute. When the blindfolded blond first stood up on the suspended saddle, it was stunning. It was a shame that these moments were brief, separated, and not really connected through the show. "Peepshow" did well for a while in the Vegas market, but it didn't have the depth to keep running.