Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 10/28/2008

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

"Madame Meg's Find your Sexy" is playing at the Harmon Theatre outside of Planet Hollywood...sometimes the show is called by its full name, sometimes its just called "Madame Meg's," sometimes "Find Your Sexy," and sometimes the "All-Female Variety Show"...and like this obscurity with a definitive name, the show is looking hard to find...something. It wants to empower and entertain. It tries to be several things, but it ends up being nothing. This is one of those reviews that I find tough to write because I know just about all of the people in the show---and they are all great people, but they have put together a terrible show. When the show was playing a limited run at Forty Deuce, I decided that the best thing that I could do for them was to not write a review...but now that the show is playing on a regular basis...I need to write something. The show is not all bad, but right now it's bad enough not to recommend until some drastic changes are are my notes to each of the cast... To Madame Meg (Meg Bertini): You are a smart, intelligent, and beautiful woman. Please speak to us like a smart, intelligent woman. You want to empower the audience, and yet, all you do is spout out a couple of generalized platitudes and then act goofy, silly, and pretend to be apprehensive. It's insulting. Do not act goofy for the sake of acting goofy. You demean yourself with no payoff. You treat the audience as if we are idiots...I think that you would be surprised that we would probably enjoy actually hearing you talk---really talk---about the things that you have achieved. To Kellie Karl: Kellie, you know that I am already your fan. I think that you are a terrific talent and person. You are a bright spot in the show, and I wish that you had more time onstage to really show us all that you can do. To Emily Lauren: Oh Emily, I am so disappointed. You are better than this. The skits that you do look as if they came from a high school talent show---they are embarrassing. You dumb show and overact your way through each of these segments with minor gymnastics, cheap props, and an obvious outcome. The audience deserves something better. To Amanda Kaiser: Amanda, you have always had a tremendous voice, and I love hearing you sing. You need to either work to have a stronger command of the space or you need to have better isolation with the lighting. Consider also looking for better always seem drawn to musicals of the 70's, and as an audience member, let me tell you; we are sick of the musicals of the 70's. If we hear "Life is a Cabaret" one more time, we may never go back to the theatre again. It seems as if you were given the option to sing what you wanted, rather than finding the right song. To Joan DuKore: Okay, Joan, I don't really know you at all, and I have to admit that when I heard you were performing, I was initially disappointed because the alternate magician is Arian Black, and I think that Arian is terrific, so naturally I wanted to see her...but I take it all back. You ware wonderful. Great presence, great patter, you command the space and create a tremendous rapport with the audience immediately. I wish that you had more time because you were a highlight in the show. Again, congratulations. You were terrific. The idea of this show is not a bad one, but the current execution does not work. Sadly, the blame falls primarily on Meg herself. She needs some lessons in hosting and entertaining. It would only take a few adjustments on her part to make some vast improvements. If she could move things along, the show could improve very quickly.