Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 07/28/2006

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

The Price Is Right - Live is playing inside the Jubilee! Theater at Bally’s Las Vegas. If you are a fan of the ever-popular television show, then this is a perfect production for you. The show is a lot of fun and is played out very closely to the action, pace, and excitement of the show you all know and love. They do a great job of whipping the audience into a frenzy for all of the prizes---no matter what they are. The Price Is Right - Live is a show where everyone comes out a winner. The Price Is Right - Live Stage Show features fan-favorite games including Plinko, Cliff Hangers, The Big Wheel, Hole In One, and The Showcase. Hosted by Todd Newton along with a bevy of beauties, the show allows contestants the chance to win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, just like on the TV show. Todd Newton does a great job with the hosting of the production. Always on top of his game and always personable, Newton adds a charm which permeates the showroom. His beautiful assistants and the "voice" of the show make this a complete package. The show is peppered with vintage footage of the classic television production and reminds everyone off all of the things that have made this show into a staple for daytime TV watchers. The video segments also include price quizzing through the past few decades to involve everyone and get everyone in the mood and spirit of the show. Everyone gets to participate through the use of electronic keypads, and there are a lot of winners throughout the show. In addition to changing the players for each of the rounds, T-shirts are given out, and player’s card points are awarded to multiple audience members. There are some truly exquisite prizes as well, and everyone roots for whoever is vying for them. It doesn’t really seem to matter what the prize’s the thrill of winning that seems to be more important. The Price Is Right - Live is a lot of fun. It is wonderful to be immersed into a show that we all know and love. The showroom at Bally’s is a great place for the show. There is plenty space for the audience and the stage is large and impressive enough for all of the sets and the prizes that are displayed. You really feel as if you are a part of this show. It is a lot of fun, and there is the possibility that you’ll walk away with lots of prizes.