Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 04/25/2006

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

"Headlights & Tailpipes" is currently playing in the showroom at the Stardust Hotel. Producers hope to use this time as a showcase for the show and then move the production once the hotel is imploded later this year. It is a celebration of fast cars and hot women. There is dancing, comedy, singing, and spectacle; and from what I saw, the show has a lot of potential, but in its current state, it should just go away when the hotel does. It is frustrating to see a show that seems to have all of the right elements, but never seems to have the ability to put the pieces together in a cohesive pattern to create a seamless and flowing show. This production has some tremendous assets behind it---the cars are great. The line of dancers are beautiful and talented. The sets and costumes are wonderful. The music is fantastic---so why doesn’t the show work? I’ll tell you... There are several elements that seem to bring this show to a screeching halt. First there are the Playboy Playmates, neither of which seems to have the panache or charisma to carry the stage. Additionally, and unfortunately, the playmates do not reflect the glory of their former far as simple appearance goes; each of the dancers outshines them. Second are the comics...both Ludovika and Lonesome Dave serve badly as filler for scene change transitions. They are amusing. They pass the time, but they never seem to really grab the attention of the audience. Third is the lighting. The lighting is very generalized. It serves as basic illumination, but it hardly ever creates atmosphere. There is little separation or isolation, and therefore never gives us any intimate moments. One of the biggest let downs of the show is the finale...a BMX routine. This "no-octane" solution to the climax of a show about cars and women was completely misplaced. As far as a BMX act is concerned, they were very good; but for this show, just wrong. Bringing a bicycle to a car and motorcycle show is like bringing a knife to a gun fight---it doesn’t have either the impact or the power. There were other things that were awkward as well...I did love the line of dancers. They are beautiful and talented. The execution of their numbers was great, but several of the things that they were asked to do seemed to cause them to be ill at ease, ie. Riding on the pasaral on pocket bikes...they looked uncomfortable while riding and seemed happy to be off them. The segway transition is also cute, but goes on too long. The Stardust showroom is a beautiful place for a show. It is a shame that it will be destroyed in the near future. "Headlights & Tailpipes" has so much potential, but for now it is all unrealized. Perhaps this showcasing time will allow them to iron out all of the bugs and bring us a hot and great show.