Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 12/28/2007

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

"The World's Greatest Magic Show" is playing inside the showroom at the Greek Isles Hotel and Casino. It is the ultimate magic show---a variety show of magicians that will appeal to all lovers of magic and illusion. Fans of both prop magic and sleight-of-hand will enjoy this evening of entertainment, because if there is an act that you don't care for---wait ten- minutes, and it will change. This is a family friendly show that will delight everyone. The concept of the magical variety show is great. There are so many great magicians in Las Vegas, and certainly not enough venues in town for all of them, and this creates a show that is beyond compare to the conventional magic show. As a testimonial to this, the show has won "Magic show of the Year," several years in a row, and it has also been named the #1 Family show in Vegas. The host for the evening of entertainment is Paul Kozak. He is a sleight-of-hand artist and comedian---whose zoot-suited, high-energy illusions kick off the show with a bang. Every appearance he made on the stage was a treat. He worked the comedy club circuit for years and is now keeping this show running great. The combination of magicians is terrific. Many of the spots rotate in and out, because these are all working acts with other gigs, but the show always seems to book the best. Each of the acts is unique, and the mixture of the people, covers the full range of magical styles and acumen. The sleight-of-hand will amaze you, and the prop magicians will befuddle you. It's great. The showroom at the Greek Isles is a true gem and piece of history. It was originally built for Debbie Reynolds when she owned the hotel, and the stars that have graced that stage are countless. It is a comfortable space that is nicely appointed with technical support. It is an intimate showroom where everyone can feel that they are part of the show. This off-Strip show is certainly worth the trouble to find and see. It is one of the few moderately priced shows left in town, and if you have kids, they get in free. It is a wonderful evening of entertainment and magic. I recommend it highly.