Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 10/04/2005

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

"Collin Foster: Quicker Then the Eye" is playing in the third floor showroom at the Plaza hotel in downtown. Foster is a sleight of hand artist and card manipulator that gives us an hour of close up magic. He will often even repeat a trick to show off his amazing skill, and even though the audience is only a few feet away, and there are cameras watching every move, the manipulation is undetectable. Close-up magic and card tricks have always been my favorite forms of illusions. I will take a sleight of hand artist over a giant prop magic show any day of the week...but they have to be really good. I have seen enough magicians to know and understand the basic principles of most of the tricks, and I generally know what to look for in an illusion, but with all of the said, I still go because I want to be fooled and amazed. I want to be baffled and stunned. I want to see a trick and say, "that’s impossible." Collin Foster fulfilled those hopes in me and had me at the edge of my seat scrutinizing every movement he made, and he tricked me every time. I loved it. Not often does an illusionist repeat a trick. A standard phrase used by many magicians is, "the first time is entertainment, and the second time is education." On a number of occasions, Foster bucked this phrase and did an illusion a second time---daring us to catch on to what he has done. He is so adept at his craft that the manipulations were never detected. The third floor showroom at the Plaza is not one of the premier showrooms in town. It is oddly shaped with a low ceiling, a temporary stage is situated in the space---basically, it’s a converted banquet room that is doing its best, but even with all of the inadequacies of the space, the show seemed to work fine. There was certainly the necessary intimacy created to make this show come off well. With close-up magic, you want to be close...and we were. The needs of the show are simple: a table, cards, and Collin. We could see, we could hear, Collin created magic, and that’s all we needed. Another great aspect of this afternoon show is that, for the most part, it’s free. I will cost you the price of a drink, and the drinks are not prohibitively priced. It is a great way to spend an afternoon. I wish Collin Foster well and hope for his continued success. He puts on a fun and interesting show...and for the price, it is certainly a great find and worth the trip downtown.