Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 07/06/2005

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

"The Magic of Rick Thomas" plays in the afternoons at the showroom inside the Stardust Hotel and Casino. Thomas is a wonderful magician with both sleight-of-hand and prop stage magic. His show has become the most successful show in the afternoon, and it is not hard to understand why. He puts on a great show that the whole family will enjoy. Rick Thomas' show has everything that one might hope for and expect in a magic production: big cats and exotic animals, stage magic mixed with sleight-of-hand, and dancing girls, all presented in a lighthearted and fun manner. The unique aspect of this show, however, is that it is in the afternoon. Because of this slot, Rick Thomas is often underrated as a performer--this is not so. The show is wonderful, and it is an excellent venue for the entire family. Thomas works very hard to keep this show moving and hardly gives himself time to breath between illusions. One trick moves easily and comfortably into place after another and another. Thomas is just as adept with the sleight of hand and close up magic as he is with the large stage magic illusions. His interplay with the audience is delightful. He seeks out a young volunteer to help with an illusion. He gets them to dance and assist with a levitation. It is marvelous to watch the interplay. Equally hardworking are his dancers and primary assistant. They are constantly on the move--both across the stage and coming out of boxes. All of them are charming and able performers and add a nice dimension to the show. Thomas works with a variety of animals as well--a couple of different types of birds (which he claims to hate) and a couple of beautiful white tigers. The animals are well placed in this production and are obviously very well trained. Thomas gives us a little background as well so that we feel we get to know more about these creatures. The thing about Thomas's magic is not the uniqueness of the illusions. We have seen most of these types of illusions before. It is, however, with the variation and augmentation of each of these tricks that make them unique. The tricks never seem to be over when you think it is. There always seems to be a trick beyond the trick, and it is this element that keeps the audiences amazed and sets Rick Thomas apart from the average magical performer. "The Magic of Rick Thomas" is a good show, and a very good bargain for the whole family. Thomas has the ability, style and grace to be able to hold his audience throughout his show. One may not often think about going to a show in the afternoon, but when you do, this would be a good show to see.