Review Of Laughternoon, starring Adam London

Updated 02/09/2005

Laughternoon, starring Adam London (CLOSED)

By Chuck Rounds

"STAR TREK: The Experience" is playing at the Las Vegas Hilton. It is the Shangri-La for any Star Trek fan. The wealth a material will stun and amaze Trekies for hours, but this experience is also enjoyable for the non-Trekies as well. There are museum-type displays of the television series and movies with props, costumes, and a history and explanation of how everything is supposed to fit together; additionally, there are two interactive rides, shops, and a restaurant. It is a fun way to pass the time, whether you have only a little time or a lot of time. My daughter (who has never seen any of the series or movies) insisted that we go on and through everything twice. STAR TREK: The Experience is an interactive adventure based on the voyage of the most exciting futuristic television series of all time, Star Trek. Visitors are immersed in a futuristic world where they see, feel, touch and live the 24th century. Two multi-million dollar interactive adventures, the History of the Future museum, Quark's Bar & Restaurant and the largest retail stores for Star Trek merchandise make this venue an exciting experience. The two rides at the Experience are taken from two different time periods in the Star Trek saga. The BORG Invasion 4D at the Experience is the only 4D attraction in Las Vegas that combines live actors, an in-your-face 3D movie and chilling physical effects. It is suspenseful without being scary. Some of the effects and acting are a bit too obvious and manufactured, but it is all fun. The Klingon Encounter gets "beamed" aboard the Starship Enterprise and then loaded into a space shuttle, which flies through a tremendous adventure. The motion simulator that is used for the shuttle mission is first-class. The work that was put into everything is amazing...however...the ride is too obviously showing its age. The "flyover" of Las Vegas shows us a skyline that hasn�t existed in five years, and as quickly as the buildings change in town, it did make a difference. It is recommended that you definitely take the time to get something to eat at Quark�s Bar & Restaurant. It is fairly easy to simply walk past the restaurant, but for many, it is the best part of the experience. It is an opportunity for fans to interact with the actual characters of the Star Trek franchise. The feeling of talking with Klingons about Honor and Glory in battle can be an unsurpassed experience. Located at the Las Vegas Hilton, guests are able to eat and drink at Quark�s Bar & Restaurant, shop at Zek�s Grand Emporium and Moogie�s Trading Post and walk through STAR TREK history at The History of the Future museum. It is a fun attraction, and with the continued popularity of Star Trek, the Experience will be around for a long while. For more information visit,