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BODIES: The Exhibition
Note: Now at the Luxor
"BODIES...THE EXHIBITION" at the Tropicana is unique entertainment for Las Vegas. There are no show girls balancing fancy headpieces as they make their way down shiny stairs. There are no circus performers flying through space or tumbling around a stage. There are no singers, dancers, or trained animals. The only real similarity between "Bodies" and other Vegas shows is the magic. However, the magic in this show is the use of science to present to the audience something unique only to those in medical school---the inner, unseen parts of our human selves. Sounds gross, doesn't it. But, the show is not gross; it is extremely intriguing.
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Tape Face
"Tape Face," is playing inside the Cabaret Theater at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino. Tape Face was a finalist on the 11th season of America's Got Talent and is part of the latest trend of people from that show that has landed and opened a show in Vegas. And while his act is amusing, cute, and oftentimes clever; it is a real stretch to keep the audience engaged for a full hour. He is a great variety act...not so much a headliner.
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"Inferno," now playing in the showroom at the Paris Las Vegas, is a new fire and magic show with illusionist Joe Labero alongside London’s hottest fire group, The Fuel Girls. I understand what is trying to be achieved with this production, and the fire elements are great, but the magic is an embarrassment. The Fuel Girls are a multi-skilled, all female group of visually captivating pyromaniacs. Labero does the same 10 tricks that every magician performed throughout the 80's and 90's. It's a shame. The production is obviously well funded...nice sets, great costumes, wonderful props...so why hasn't this illusionist purchased or learned a trick from this century.
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