Review Of Sexxy

Playing in the Westgate Cabaret at the Westgate Las Vegas
Indefinite      10:30pm Every Tue-Sat. Tickets GA $39.95 +tax & fee. DARK SUN. & MON. 18+

Updated 01/07/2015


By Chuck Rounds

"Sexxy", the new topless dance review, is playing in the Shimmer Cabaret at the Westgate Resort. This adult dance review is led by choreographer, director, and first-time producer, Jennifer Romas. It is reported that she put this show together in less than a month with the help of veteran producer Blair Farrington. Romas has made a lot of good choices with this, her first production, and I'm sure that it will lead to a lot more opportunities. "Sexxy" starts off with a nice Parisian essence...that I wish had been sustained. It is a pretty good production right now, which will hopefully, only get better.

The best choice that Romas made is hiring a strong cast with a lot of talent. She, herself, is one of the best pole dancers in Las Vegas, as well as a good and sexy dancer. Svetlana Ghetman is one of the best aerialists in town, and Gabriella Versace is a wonderful singer/bombshell, and rounding out the cast is a group of top-notch dancers.

Overall, the production is well done. It is a talented cast executing, as best they can, that which they have been given. That said...the weakest part of this dance review is the choreography. There are no new innovations or really unique combinations. No one was breaking new ground here. As I was watching it, it felt as if each of the numbers basically ran out of choreography about three quarters of the way through. The person that I was with, said that each of the numbers could be shortened by about 25%. Interestingly, there were two different solutions to the same problem. Of course, if each of the numbers were shortened, then 25% more show would have to be added...

But there are also several reasons to go to this show... First is the pole number by Romas. As I stated before, she is one of the best pole dancers in Vegas, and when you watch this number, you realize that this is what you have always imagine a pole dance should be. It is truly amazing and athletic.

Second is the aerial number by Svetlana. At this point, we have all seen a silk number, but never one with this speed and fluidity. She is truly a master at her craft.

Third is Gabriella Versace. She is the bombshell singer that we have all dreamed about. Sexy with chops...she is personable, engaging, and is a pleasure to both watch and listen to.

Fourth is the ensemble of dancers. I said before, the best thing that Romas did was cast well, and this is a great group of dancers. One dancer stood out in particular...Alexandria. She had that "it" factor about her. Not only is she great dancer, but she also has a great look, and with that a charisma and personality that commanded your attention. I hope that she gets featured more in the future.

"Sexxy" is a good show, but it is still a long way from a great show. The potential is certainly there. There are a lot of good reasons to go to this show. I hope that it keeps improving.