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Michael Jackson: One

"Michael Jackson: One" is playing in the showroom at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. This much anticipated opening of the new resident Cirque du Soleil show is filled with everything that one would expect from a Cirque show: lots of acrobats, dancers, and sheer spectacle...more is more. The show also comes with other things that we've come to expect from Cirque—a very uneven show that has far more concept than it does clarity, and a show where the technology often over-shadows and upstages the performers. Overall, the show is good, but flawed.

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Mac King

The Comedy Magic of Mac King is playing inside the showroom at Harrah's Hotel and Casino. I have seen the show many times and have named it the best afternoon show in town on numerous occasions. This afternoon show is a wonderful amusement and escape for the entire family. Mac King is always amusing and exceedingly talented. He keeps the pace of the show very lively and upbeat, and the audience has a great time.

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Viper Vixens

"The Viper Vixens" are playing inside the small showroom at O'Shea's. This is a topless dance show that features women with's a great concept brought forth by Ottavio Gesmundo and company. For the most part this show works. The "Kill Bill" style of introduction along with the talents of this company makes for a fun evening. This show is still in its infancy and needs a lot more stage time to become a seasoned and viable competitor in the Las Vegas market. Most of the problems with pacing and dynamics will work themselves out with time. The crucial elements of concept and talent have been accomplished.

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