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"Bite" is playing in the showroom at the Stratosphere Tower and Casino. It is the story of the Lord Vampire's search to replace his long lost Queen of the Night. The story is told through the words of classic rock & roll songs, and the actions and dancing of the cast. It is a great concept...vampires are always an interesting topic, and having beautiful topless vampire dancers is a plus as well. The show has just celebrated its fifth year at the Stratosphere, and in many ways, has captured both a cult and campy following. It has gone through several variations and is still trying to find the best version of itself.

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Raack N Roll

Raack N Roll is playing inside the showroom at the D Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas. This is a fun, topless dance revue, and it is set to classic rock music. The dancers are beautiful and talented, and the music is great classic rock and roll. It is a small show, on a small stage, with a small budget; but they have done a tremendous amount to make the most of it.

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MGM Grand's Crazy Horse Paris

MGM Grand's, "Crazy Horse, Paris," (formerly "La Femme") made its debut in Las Vegas in 2001 at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, and even with critical success under its belt, the show has now recently introduced seven new numbers with additional lights, music, and costumes. This continual evolution allows the show to stay ahead of the cultural curve and remain fresh to both the audience and its performers.

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