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Steve Wyrick

Steve Wyrick: Ultra Magician is playing in the main showroom at the Las Vegas Hilton. His show, performance, and the entertainment value of his production has increased and immensely improved over the years. It is the best version of his show that I've seen in his more than ten-year history in Las Vegas. On the one hand, Wyrick's magic show is a prop magician's dream. The effects are huge and spectacular. On the other hand, Wyrick does some great close up magic as well. Additionally, the atmosphere that is created with the variety of sets and the dancers is unrivaled by any other illusionist's show in town.

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Don Rickles

Don Rickles is playing intermittent dates at the Stardust Hotel and Casino. He is the master of politically incorrect insults, and he insults everyone...wonderfully. The things that he says are so wrong according to all decent sense and sensibility, and it is hilarious. Rickles is a classic performer, and he has no equal.

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World's Greatest Magic Show

"The World's Greatest Magic Show" is playing inside the showroom at the Greek Isles Hotel and Casino. It is the ultimate magic show---a variety show of magicians that will appeal to all lovers of magic and illusion. Fans of both prop magic and sleight-of-hand will enjoy this evening of entertainment, because if there is an act that you don't care for---wait ten-minutes, and it will change. This is a family friendly show that will delight everyone.

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